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  • Curriculum

    K.I.D.’s Footprints curricula is designed to help parents/mentors and children experience life transformation by growing individually in their personal relationship with Jesus Christ and with one another.


    Footprints for Parents and Mentors is a set of 12 small group Bible studies designed to encourage parents and mentors to first, focus on personally growing in their relationship with Christ, and second, learn to grow as spiritual mentors to their children.


    Footprints for Kids is a 24-lesson small group Bible study course for parents/mentors and their children. Designed to follow Footprints for Parents and Mentors, this multi-generational interactive series assists parents in leading their children to Jesus Christ in three specific areas:


    Build Your Relationship with Jesus

    Know the Truth of Jesus

    Share Jesus with others

    Home Edition Curriculum Downloads


    Our full curriculum is now available online:


    Footprints for Kids

    Footprints for Parents and Mentors


  • Inside Out Retreat

    This is a 1 1/2 day retreat to resource leaders, pastors, teachers, parents and grandparents for personal spiritual revival, spiritual leadership in the family and to impact the next generation through God-given vision.  If you would be interested in having this training for your church or conference, please contact us.


    "Reflecting upon our recent leadership retreat, I am praising God for the unprecedented blessings we received individually and collectively.  I have not personally witnessed such a spirit of revival as that which attended the Inside Out retreat." Ron Nelson, Manitoba-Saskatchewan Conference President


  • K.I.D. University

    A 3-day training event that equips volunteer leaders to direct the K.I.D. ministry in their home church.  This life-transformational training offers a high level of experience-based training through presentations, modeling and live labs.  Training participants are taught to use the K.I.D. Footprints curriculum and lead interactive small groups.

  • Schools In Discipleship

    A 2 ½ day training event offered to teachers, administrators, parents and pastors interested in building discipleship principles within the school system.  Schools in Discipleship is designed to mobilize each team to work together with an evangelistic mindset to disciple every student in a church school system to Jesus Christ.

  • K.I.D. Coach

    A 2 1/2 day training event in which you will learn how to use the new DVD “Kids In Discipleship-Church Edition” in your local church. The emphasis of this DVD is on engaging families in their local church to be intentional about first being a disciple of Jesus Christ themselves and then being a disciple maker to their children and youth.

  • K.I.D. Home DVD - Online

    Footprints For Kids

    Footprints For Parents And Mentors

    International KID University

    Biblical Vision

    Disciple Making

    Kid Music Video

    Kids In Discipleship


    Leadership Education For Youth and Children's Ministry

Mentoring Moments - with Don MacLafferty

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SONlight 4th Quarter 2015 SID

  • Inside Out

     Inside Out Leads to Faith Adventure It was May 1, 2010 – less than two months before the General Conference Session. Was there time to write a book? God impressed me to write a fast-read book sharing powerful stories of children and families growing as disciples of Jesus. He also impressed me to publish it in time to share it for free at the GC Session in Atlanta. I told God, “I don’t have time, money, an editor, a publisher, or a graphic designer.” I heard His voice respond, “Just how big do you think I am?”

    I got on my knees to ask for God’s help and began to write. Less than 30 days later, I was finished. God brought a team of volunteers from our church in Collegedale, TN, to make His dream happen: an English professor to edit it, a mother who had taken her son through Kids in Discipleship to create a book cover, volunteer readers, and a number of people who paid the printer.


    Over several days, nearly all of the 23,000 books from the first printing were prayerfully given away!


    Earlier last fall, God impressed me to print 100,000 more and give these away as well. As I made plans for the second printing, with no money to offer, God again worked on hearts to make it possible. A few days after moving forward, God impressed a businessman to pay for 50,000 of the books.


    Do you want to be a part of this miracle of giving? Consider giving this book to busy parents and grandparents both in and outside of your church.


    Inside Out calls busy people to go deeper with God and to intentionally disciple the kids in their lives to Jesus Christ. Click on Contact or Home and fill out the form to send us your mailing address. Books are shipped in boxes of 100 and we will give you as many as you can give away in 30 days – for only the cost of shipping and handling.


    Don MacLafferty

    Founder / Director of In Discipleship


In Discipleship offers tuition-free training and coaching to grow disciples of Christ. These materials are available to any denomination, race and people group.


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