Uniting the generations in worship, discipleship, fellowship and witness.

Philippines 2020

God called me to disciple the students to be disciple-makers for Jesus and to equip the faculty families to call for revival in their own homes.

Students returned to Christ. They surrendered to Jesus as Lord, studied the written Word of God daily and asked for and received the baptism of the Holy Spirit. God sent out many students in person or via zoom to call churches and villages to an end time revival with Jesus! Students discipled their classmates to Christ as well as unbelieving family members and friends.

One student who was known across the campus as a hardened atheist watched his classmates being transformed by the power of the Holy Spirit. He began coming to the early morning meetings. He sat at the extreme back of the outdoor amphitheater and listened in day after day to his classmates as they testified of the love of Christ to call them to repentance and free them from hate, bitterness, and addictions. One of my last days there he slowly stood up and asked to have the mike. The students gasped. Some hoped that I would refuse his request – because he had a reputation of making Christians to look like fools.

He stood before his classmates in the early morning and stared at the ones he had ridiculed over the years. You could have heard a pin drop. He cleared his throat and declared, “For many days I have listened to your testimonies of how Jesus Christ has changed your life. But more than that I have watched how your lives have changed on campus. I have seen your peace, your love for others, and your love for me —- and today I choose to believe in Christ as my Savior! I choose to be baptized! In a few days I will go home and testify to my atheist father – that the One he taught me does not exist – lives in my heart, that Jesus has changed my life. I will ask my father to believe!!!”