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The In-Discipleship team is committed to the Spiritual growth and leadership of our disciple makers. Accordingly please feel free to ask questions and or provide comments as they relate to the ministry and we will work towards providing timely responses keeping mind that we are all volunteers.


how can I get Dons book live like Elijah

Asked by Rainer Boettcher, answered by George Carr

Live like Elijah Book

How do i purchase copies of the book Live Like Elijah?

Asked by Valerie Roye, answered by Donald Jones

Question about Zambia financial need

I would like to speak to someone regarding donating towards this cause

Asked by Jackson Henley, answered by George Carr

Finding video clip on Bible prayer walks

How do I find the video mentioned in the booklet about prayer walks saying go I ndisipleship.org?

Asked by Catherine Dubourt, answered by George Carr

Becoming a part of this wonderful ministry

I live in Germany and I am about to start a small ministry of helping Otters practically to become true disciples. I already have a group of adults and a couple with three Children. My focus was first mainly on the adults but I often wondered how I can include the Children. After reading through your Testimony and how the Children and youths are also taken in. I clearly see Gods wonderful Plan of including all young and old. Do you have online training. I want to now focus also on including the Children and Youths and finding ways to do so. I believe that this is Gods Plan. I also preach at different Churches and would love to share this with the churches as well.

Asked by Estar Rautert, answered by

Training School

I am not sure about your ministry. It sounds very general and I am about confused, but intrigued. I would love to know more. I am on your sight and it seems on target, but I honestly don’t get it. I believe in the second coming and getting ready. I operate a homestudy hub and would like maybe be apart, but if what? I am not sure.

Asked by Andrea Kiture, answered by George Carr

Training in Biloxi, MS

We would like training at the Gulf Coast SDA Church in Biloxi, MS. We will host the training and invite other churches in the area. Please provide three dates and all details for church board approval.

Asked by Mary Nelson, answered by George Carr

Partnership in Africa

I am a teacher with teenagers with over two decades.I have passion for mentoring teenagers and young adults. Do you have any office or program in Africa?
How can I be helped to grow a ministry in this line?

Asked by Ruth Akinwoye, answered by

training in Nashville

I would like to request a revival or seminar for my school, Madison Campus Elementary in Nashville, TN.
A former leader went to one of your seminars many years ago and I would like to revive the program now that I have time to help with it. Please call me at 615-668-2591, Myrna Closser

Asked by myrna closser, answered by


¿Cómo podemos beneficiar con estas instrucciones a los padres, lideres e instructores. Teniendo nuestro país tantas limitantes?
Necesitamos esos conocimientos para animar a los niños y jóvenes a testificar. Por favor ayúdennos

Asked by Amelia Aguilera Rodríguez, answered by Jason MacLafferty

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