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The In-Discipleship team is committed to the Spiritual growth and leadership of our disciple makers. Accordingly please feel free to ask questions and or provide comments as they relate to the ministry and we will work towards providing timely responses keeping mind that we are all volunteers.


Can I order books ( God Still Lives, Live like Elijah) in hard copy form to share with others? If so how and cost??

Asked by Patricia Humphreys, answered by George Carr

Questions & Answers

I can see from your Q&A page many questions but how can I read the answers to those questions? I would also like to know if there are any training for discipleship other than the PDF files/books that I already downloaded?
I am an Elder in my church (Sutter Hill SDA Church) in Amador County, Ca. With not formal training but God is and has been my trainer and I believe He put these PDF/books within my reach to teach me so much more!
Thank you and may God bless continually you richly!

Asked by Joe Padovano, answered by George Carr

For George Carr

Hi Brother. I was wondering what happened to you? Remember the Census Bureau? Call me 334-520-9693

Asked by Don Korenko, answered by George Carr

God Still Lives

Can i pass these out to anyone or only to church members? I’ve been reading it which has placed a burning desire to share Jesus with others.

Asked by Frank Strack, answered by George Carr

God Still Lives book

I am reading this book that someone brought to me from ASI … what a profound testimony! When will it be posted on the Resource page for download? I have people I want to send it to.

Asked by Debi Tesser, answered by George Carr

Blessed by your book

Hi Don, started reading your book “Live Like Elijah” was very blessed and wanted to thank you for writing the book even though I haven’t finished it yet! I Already know Hood has great things in store as we are challenged to live like Elijah.

Asked by Matthew Vixie, answered by George Carr


I just made a donation. I’d like for it to go to the teachers’ homes at the Elim School in Zambia.

Asked by Barbara Wear, answered by George Carr

Becoming part of the ministry

How can I become part of the ministry? Do you offer trainings? If yes how do i enroll so I can become one of the educators.

Asked by Caren Chepkirui, answered by George Carr

The Fatherhood Challenge

Hi. I’m Jonathan Guerrero, the Producer and Host of a syndicated radio program and podcast called The Fatherhood Challenge. We are syndicated through a North American Division network called LifeTalk Radio Network. The purpose and mission of The Fatherhood Challenge is stated in the logo taken from Malachi 4:6, turning the hearts of fathers to their children. Every episode is measured against that scripture to determine if it was a success or not. I’m reaching out because I was referred by a professor at Andrews University named Dr. Jerry Moon. I would like to have you on the program for an episode to talk about Malachi 4:6 and it’s prophetic meaning and relevance in our time. I would also like to share the work you are doing and also offer The Fatherhood Challenge as a resource and tool to help you in your mission. Thank you.

Asked by Jonathan Guerrero, answered by George Carr

Buy book

I am a district sabbath school superintendent in West Africa. I would like to purchase living like Elijah for small groups. I also am retired publishing director in local conference and would like to make book available for people to purchase via ABC or LE’s.

Asked by Edna Thomas, answered by George Carr

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