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The In-Discipleship team is committed to the Spiritual growth and leadership of our disciple makers. Accordingly please feel free to ask questions and or provide comments as they relate to the ministry and we will work towards providing timely responses keeping mind that we are all volunteers.

Church plant in Cary/Raleigh

Hello brothers and sisters,

I thank you so much for your ministry and praise the Lord for what you guys have been doing. Currently we have a church plant, actually two here in NC. They’re very small groups but we realized there are not many churches in the area. I realized we do need more training to reach out the communities around here and we need man power. Would you be able to come and help us for training? We need help since there is but few of us but God’s spirit is with us.
Have a blessed day!

Asked by Ruth Stuart, answered by George Carr


I am a Lay Preacher, Am I eligible for partnership with your organization so as to disciple together?

Asked by Jonathan Sila, answered by George Carr

Kids in Discipleship

Where can I find out more information about the training available for children, and what age group does it cater to?

Asked by Robina nakao, answered by George Carr

Live Like Elijah

Hello Pastor, where do I list my name? You posted on your Facebook to go to this website and list my name if I wanted to ask copies of the book.

Marie Danielle Laroa
601 Sto. Rosario, Isabel, Leyte, Philippines

I started a small group and shared this book with them. However, God impressed me to share it to more people, and just in the right time I saw your post about being able to ask for copies of book. Thank you and God bless!

Asked by Marie Danielle Laroa, answered by George Carr

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