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The In-Discipleship team is committed to the Spiritual growth and leadership of our disciple makers. Accordingly please feel free to ask questions and or provide comments as they relate to the ministry and we will work towards providing timely responses keeping mind that we are all volunteers.

Order books

How can I order copies of the book ” Come Home? ” We will be celebrating my Mom’s 94th birthday on April 28th 2024 and this book is a great gift to reach our divided family most of whom have left the church. I wish to get a box of these books. Thank you

Asked by Louella Sterling, answered by Richard Spears

Questions and Answers

I see the questions, but not the answers. How do we get the answers?

Asked by Bev Donahey, answered by Richard Spears

God Still Lives

Is this book only available online to download now? I wish I had some of the books to share. I think it’s very valuable. Do you no longer offer boxes of books free or to buy?

Asked by Bev Donahey, answered by Richard Spears

How can I obtain a box of your book God Still Lives?

I can’t find on your website how to obtain a box of God Still Lives. Please advise! This book is powerful and very inspiring!!

Asked by Bev Donahey, answered by Richard Spears

Resources as Books

Is it possible to order the resources in printed format as books?

Asked by Shannon , answered by Richard Spears

Pastor Don Maclafferty’s Email

Greetings! Can you please share Pastor Maclafferty’s email with me? I would like to invite him as a guest speaker at one of our events. Thank you, and blessings!

Asked by Edith , answered by Richard Spears

Purchase books

I have just read “God Still Lives” and would like to get 25 copies to give to friends. Where can I order these?

Asked by Pat Edsell, answered by Richard Spears

purchase book

bout 10-12. Cost??? Id like to get some copies of your book God still lives .

Asked by Glenn Lewis, answered by Richard Spears

Books for outreach

I would like to get some of the God sill lives books, do you have phone, number and address, and price. Thank you

Asked by Wilbert Wallace, answered by Richard Spears

God Still Lives books

We have been so blessed by your book. We would like to share it. I understand they are available for the shipping cost. I see the question has been asked a number of time but the answer is not in the messages

Asked by Ken Christensen, answered by Richard Spears

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